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The services I provide are tailored to the requirements of the businesses I work with. This might be at Board level, for those firms needing additional skills and experience from their Directors to improve corporate governance. 


Or, for early stage and smaller businesses, if the management team needs to be strengthened I can be incorporated into the operation on a part-time basis, for example as a part-time CFO.

Very often growth objectives and where there is a need for change management, additional expertise is required, which is where I can assist.


Services provided in the past include:

  • Budget preparation

  • Capital raising

  • Cash flow forecasts

  • Consulting services

  • Dispute resolution

  • Financial accounting

  • Management and Board reporting

  • Project management

  • Information Memorandum preparation

  • Management services

  • Strategic planning

International Business

Although I am based in New Zealand, the nature of the global reach of many of the businesses I work with has resulted in a good deal of international business experience.


Different geographies beyond New Zealand where I have worked with businesses, shareholders and potential investors include:

  • Australia

  • Pacific Islands

  • Canada

  • United States of America

  • Singapore

  • Hong Kong

  • China

  • United Kingdom

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